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We believe in partnerships.  Our highly experienced recruiting specialists spend much time to bring the very best of you. In the process, you will find full confidence on us to grow together. Result will be a win-win situation – your career will grow beyond your expectations and we will be a part of your success

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At Global Links Talent, we have developed highly specialized methods for searching, locating, screening and interviewing the best available talents in the marketplace. We strive to present only the best candidates to our clients.We believe, it is our obligation to meet your expectations. We ensure to fulfill your recruitment requirements in a cost effective manner.

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Hot Position

Senior Software Developer - C++
Assistant Project Manager - retail bank
Senior IT Audit Manager- CISA
Analyst Programmer - OG/BSS commercial bank
RPG Programmer- retail bank
Analyst Programmer / System Analyst -C++/J2EE
Technical Support/Team leader-retail bank
AP/System Analyst .NET
System Analyst - J2EE
Senior Development Project Manager- ibank
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